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                                        Lil' Shawn

                                         I am so pleased that my journey into my passion was sparked by Ariza Talent and Modeling
                                         Agency. Ariza really helped me not only break into acting and the entertainment world but also
                                         helped me break out of my shyness and awkwardness when approaching auditions. Ariza
                                         introduced me to auditions, but my favorite of all is when I landed a role on Nickelodeon's
                                         "Taina". I also had the chance to work alongside greats like Adam Sandler in the "Waterboy".
                                         Tom Hanks on the HBO hit "From the Earth to the Moon.'' In addition, I was noticed around
                                         town from my feature in an all-spanish commercial that still airs ten years later. I love that
                                         Ariza provides the best training for the real entertainment world but also pays their talent in
a timely manner. I have never had an issue with Ariza, maybe not being able to attend all the auditions at once, but then
again that is a good problem to have. I would highly recommend Ariza Talent and Modeling Agency to anyone who wants
the best teaching, advise, training and outcome from every entertainment opportunity."
- Omar Vasqez aka Lil' Shawn from Power 95.3, Obie & Lil' Shawn Morning Show
                                              Todd Rogers Terry

                                              I have been in the entertainment industry for over 20 year working as a stuntman/actor. Ariza
                                              talent is how I got my start. I remember walking into the office not knowing what to expect
                                              and Jeff greeted me and gave me instant advice on how to conduct myself if I am to be in
                                              the business. Not only did I learn the techniques to become a successful Model, but I was
                                              able to come out of my shell and have great success at auditions as an actor. The thorough
                                              coaching and critique I received helped sustain me over the years and is the very reason
                                              why I am STILL working in the business today. I never saw entertainment as a career choice
                                              for me until that day I walked into the office which is why Ariza has and always will be an
                                              extension of my family."
                                         Tory Kittles

                                          Dear Jeff, I know this letter has taken a long time coming, but that doesn't mean I have
                                          forgotten you. Since my first class at ARIZA, back in '96, I have gone on to work with Joel
                                          Schumacher in TIGERLAND and I have just finished a project called INVINCIBLE,
                                          produced by Mel Gibson and Jet Li. I want you to know that your influence in my career
                                          has been invaluable and will remain with me forever. You helped develop the one thing
                                          necessary for survival in this business, confidence. I was just a kid from the small town
                                          of Lawty, Fla. when I met you, now I live in L.A. and I'm represented by ICM. Let your
students know that it is possible if you work hard and believe. I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirit. I
look forward to seeing you soon. Love Always, Tory Kittles"
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