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Our client projects include Feature Films, Episodic Television, Commercials, Industrial Videos, and Print.
Allegra’s Window Nickelodeon Principal
Ambilin Entertainment Phot Doubles/Stand-ins/Extras
Big Bang Disney Estras Keneen & Kel Nickelodeon Principal/Extras
Black Jack Savage Disney Extras
Clarissa Explains It All Nickelodeon Principal/Day Players/ Extras Super Force (87 Episodes)
Family Matters Photo Doubles/Stand-ins/Extras (700)
Fortune Hunter DDK Productions Extras (1700)
Hi Honey, I’m Home Nickelodeon Extras (125)
Miami Vice Estras (100)
My Brother and Me Nickelodeon Day Players/Extras (500)
Premiere Productions Extras (300)
Premiere Productions Principal/Extras (1500)
Salkind Productions Photo Doubles/Stand-ins/Extras
Sea Quest (27 Episodes)
Step By Step Photo Double/Stand-ins/Estras (300)
Swamp Thing (15 Episodes)
Super Boy (2 Seasons)
Think Fast Nickelodeon Principal
Tommorrow People Nickelodean Principal
Thunder in Paradise DSD Productions Day Players/Extras (1500)
Welcome Freshman Nickelodeon Principals/Day Players/Extras

Clover, Hallmark Entertainment Photo Doubles/Stand-ins/Extras (450)
Instinct, Silverback Productions Photo Doubles/Stand-ins/Extras (500)
The Hidden Key, Lynch Entertainment Extras (75)
Waterboy, Disney Productions Photo Doubles/Stand-ins/Extras (1500)
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Ebony Magazine (Walt Disney World)
H.B.J (Harcourt Brace Javanovich)
New York Times-Magazine
Orlando Sentinel
Virginia Slims Clairol
African American-Union National Principal
Aladdin’s Caravan National (Disney) Extras (150)
Amtrak National (SAG) Principal
Bits Target Department Stores Regional Extras (150)
Body Wars National (Diseny) Principal/Bits/Extras (321)
Carnival Cruise Lines National (SAG) Principal
Centel National (SAG) Principal
Citibank Visa National Extras (150)
Disney Downtown National Principal
Downey National Hispanic (SAG) Principal
Dunkin Donuts National (SAG) Principal
Eckerds National Hispanic (SAG) Principal
Frosted Mini Wheats National (SAG) Extras
Holiday Inn National (SAG) Principal
Kraft Barbecue Sauce National (SAG) Principal
Little Mermaid National (Disney) Extras (300)
Lowe’s Home Improvement Store National (SAG) Principal
Mercy Hospital Regional Principal
Monday Night Football National Extras (400)
MO’s Pizza Regional Principal
Pizza Hut National Principal/Extras (15)
Pleasure Island National (Disney) Extras (300)
Saturn National Principal
Sea World National (SAG) Principal
Sealtest Cream Regional Principal
Sears Paint Regional Principal Steak & Ale National (SAG) Extras (10)
Super 8 Motels National (SAG) Asian
Thank you Mother Earth National AFTRA Principal
The Muppet Show National (Disney) Extras (250)
Toyota National (SAG) Principal
United Telephone Regional Principal
Universal Studios Flordia National (SAG) Principal
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